(21-22-23 Nisan 2016 asılı poster olacaktır.)
1 ÖAP1-78 Psychometric properties of the Turkish version of the PTSD Checklist for DSM-5 (PCL-5)
Ekrem Yılmaz
2 ÖAP2-88 IL-4, TGF-β, NF-κB and MPO levels patients with treatment resistant schizophrenia
Şükrü Kartalcı
3 ÖAP3-140 The relationship of sexual dysfunction gene variance prolactin levels and the disorders in pharmacotherapy with antipsychotics
Neşe Öztürk Atkaya
4 ÖAP4-154 Psychometric properties of the Turkish version of the clinician-administered PTSD scale for DSM-5 (CAPS-5)
Ekrem Yılmaz
5 ÖAP5-188 Investigation of the features of monogamous and polygamous marriages, in Diyarbakir-Turkey
Aslıhan Okan İbiloğlu
6 ÖAP6-192 Do the nitric oxide-arginine pathway and urotensin-II contribute to the pathogenesis of autism spectrum disorder?
Önder Öztürk  
7 ÖAP7-273 Discontinuation of depot piportil: a service evaluation
Lakkondahalli Munisonnappa  Lokesh
8 ÖAP8-405 Investigation of perceived expressed emotion in adolescents with obesity
Merve Çolpan
9 ÖAP9-451 Social behavior and functioning in schizophrenia and healthy controls: A voxel based morphometry study
Cumhur Taş
10 ÖAP10-457 Long term effects of sexual trauma history in the female psychiatric inpatients
Hatice Melek Başar
11 ÖAP11-492 Did DSM-5 criteria may change the prevalence of eating disorders? A multicenter study
Abdullah Bolu
12 ÖAP12-569 May nesfatin-1 and oxytocin be a trait marker in major depressive disorder with suicidal ideation ?
Cafer Çağrı Korucu
13 ÖAP13-722 Supersensitivity psychosis syndrome (SPS) re-visited: Results of systematic analysis and suggested Bakirkoy diagnostic criteria
Semiha Selük
14 ÖAP14-764 Comparison of serum level of sodium valproate between acute manic bipolar disorder, substance use disorder and substance induced psychosis
Elvan Çiftçi

Oturum Başkanları: Fatih Canan, Selim Kılıç
(21-22-23 Nisan 2016 asılı poster olacaktır.)
Tarih Saat Salon
15 ÖAS1-21 Dynamic thiol/disulphide homeostasis in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and its relation with disease subtypes
Sibelnur Avcıl
20Nisan 17:00-17:06 6
16 ÖAS2-22 Emotional and behavioral characteristics of gifted children and their families
Fatma  Eren
20Nisan 17:06-17:12 6
17 ÖAS3-66 miRNAs Related With Treatment Resistance In Schizophrenia
Hüseyin Alaçam
20Nisan 17:12-17:18 6
18 ÖAS4-75 The effects of ellagic acid on hippocampal brain derived neurotrophic factor and serotonin transporter levels in mouse depression models
Hatice Aslı Bedel
20Nisan 17:18-17:24 6
19 ÖAS5-81 Association between the rs1360780 polymorphism in FKBP5 gene and serum cortisol levels in children with autism spectrum disorder
Hasan Bozkurt
20Nisan 17:24-17:30 6
20 ÖAS6-130 Optıc Coherence Tomography Shows Inflammatıon And Degeneratıon In Major Depressıve Dısorder Patıents Correlated Wıth Dısease Severıty
Abdulgani Temizkan
20Nisan 17:30-17:36 6
21 ÖAS7-142 Facial emotion recognition in psychiatrists and influences of their therapeutic identification on that ability
Hesna Gül
20Nisan 17:36-17:42 6
22 ÖAS8-151 Application of Therapeutic Community Model for Treatment of Patients with Substance Dependence
Behice Han Almış
20Nisan 17:42-17:48 6
23 ÖAS9-152 Left Thalamus MR Spectroscopy Findings of Patients with Nonepileptic Seizures
Behice Han Almış
20Nisan 17:48-17:54 6
24 ÖAS10-193 Oxidative imbalance in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder
Önder Öztürk
20Nisan 17:54-18:00 6
25 ÖAS11-199 The evaluation of oxidative stress factors in children with autism spectrum disorders
Çağatay Uğur
20Nisan 18:00-18:06 6
26 ÖAS12-203 Oxidative status and prolidase activities in generalized anxiety disorder
Cenk Ercan
20Nisan 18:06-18:12 6
27 ÖAS13-205 The relationship between atypical depression and insülin resistance in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome and depression
Osman Özdemir
20Nisan 18:12-18:18 6
28 ÖAS14-260 Inflammatory and oxidative markers in schizophrenia
Mehmet Güneş
20Nisan 18:18-18:24 6
29 ÖAS15-262 Rates of disruptive mood dysregulation disorder in adolescent children of parents with recurrent depression or bipolar disorder and healthy controls
Zehra Topal
20Nisan 18:24-18:30 6

Oturum Başkanları: Gökay Alpak, Cengizhan Açıkel
(21-22-23 Nisan 2016 asılı poster olacaktır.)
Tarih Saat Salon
30 ÖAS16-343 The diagnoses for which psychotropic medications are being prescribed in Turkey
Keziban Adam Baski
20Nisan 17:00-17:06 7
31 ÖAS17-345 Levels of ınterleukin 18, interleukin 6 and cognition in bipolar disorder
Filiz Civil Arslan
20Nisan 17:06-17:12 7
32 ÖAS18-445 Evaluation of levels of erythropoietin and erythropoietin receptor in children with autistic spectrum disorders
Erkan Öner
20Nisan 17:12-17:18 7
33 ÖAS19-448 The levels of erythropoietin and erythropoetin receptor in patients with generalized anxiety disorder
Erkan Öner
20Nisan 17:18-17:24 7
34 ÖAS20-449 The levels of erythropoietin and erythropoetin receptors in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
Erkan Öner
20Nisan 17:24-17:30 7
35 ÖAS21-458 Is it possible both medical treatment and breastfeeding for acute psychiatric inpatients?
Hatice Melek Başar
20Nisan 17:30-17:36 7
36 ÖAS22-472 Effects of attention-deficit and hyperactivity disorder on child maltreatment
Emel  Sarı Gökten
20Nisan 17:36-17:42 7
37 ÖAS23-549 Levels of serum Immunomodulators and its alteration with electroconvulsive therapy in resistant major depression
Serkan Zincir 
20Nisan 17:42-17:48 7
38 ÖAS24-576 Effectiveness of psychosocial interventions of patients with schizophrenia in diskapi community mental health center.
İlker Özdemir
20Nisan 17:48-17:54 7
39 ÖAS25-598 Examınatıon about the relatıon between ınflammatory parameters (ıl-6, tnf- α, tgf-β) and cognıtıve functıons and severıty of symptoms ın schızophrenıa patients
Serhat Ergün
20Nisan 17:54-18:00 7
40 ÖAS26-627 Protective role of selenium on scopolamine-induced memory impairment, oxidative stress and apoptosis in aged rats: Involvement of TRPM2 and TRPV1 channels
Kadir  Demirci
20Nisan 18:00-18:06 7
41 ÖAS27-664 Behavioral and molecular effects of mk-801 administration in newborn and adolescent rats
Hüseyin Günay
20Nisan 18:06-18:12 7
42 ÖAS28-693 Maternal epilepsy and Intrauterine antiepileptic exposure and their relationship between neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders in children
Ali Karayağmurlu
20Nisan 18:12-18:18 7
43 ÖAS29-727 The relationship between surgical and natural menopause with cognitive functions, serum BDNF, plasma annexin 5 and oxidative stress
Atakan Yücel
20Nisan 18:18-18:24 7
44 ÖAS30-737 The relationship between DAT1 Gene and Effects of Methylphenidate Use in Adult ADHD: A magnetic resonance spectroscopy study
Ayşe Nur İnci Kenar
20Nisan 18:24-18:30 7

Oturum Başkanları: Adem Balıkçı, Atakan Yücel
Tarih Saat Salon
1 S1-29 Serum oxytocin levels in patients with depression, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder diagnosed according to DSM-5 criteria compared with healthy controls
Taha Can Tuman
21Nisan 16:30-16:36 7
2 S2-42 Perceived expressed emotion and self-esteem in adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Halit Necmi Uçar
21Nisan 16:36-16:42 7
3 S3-298 Perceived expressed emotion and ınternet addiction in adolescents with diabetes mellitus
Halit Necmi Uçar
21Nisan 16:42-16:48 7
4 S4-82 The Sociodemographic Features, Comorbid Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment Of Children Diagnosed Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder Who Applied To Child And Adolescent Psychiatry Policlinics Of a University Hospital: A Preliminary Study
Mutlu Karakuş
21Nisan 16:48-16:54 7
5 S5-90 Decreased high mobility group box1 (HMGB1) level in the patients with bipolar disorder during the euthymic period
Süleyman  Demir
21Nisan 16:54-17:00 7
6 S6-97 Metacognitions and automatic thoughts in obsessive compulsive disorder
İlkay Keleş Altun
21Nisan 17:00-17:06 7
7 S7-103 Belief level of sexual myths in patients with premature ejaculation
Mehmet Güneş
21Nisan 17:06-17:12 7
8 S8-107 Alexithymia in adolescents with depression: An 8-week follow-up study
Salih Gençoğlan
21Nisan 17:12-17:18 7
9 S9-114 Side effects of haloperidol decanoate and paliperidone palmitate: a retrospective comparative study
Memduha Aydın
21Nisan 17:18-17:24 7
10 S10-115 Retinal nerve fiber layer and macular thickness in schizophrenia
Bilge  Çetin İlhan
21Nisan 17:24-17:30 7
11 S11-127 Serum adrenomedullin and nitric oxide levels of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder diagnosed patients and their role in etiopathogenesis
Yetiş Işıldar
21Nisan 17:30-17:36 7
12 S12-129 Impacts of the duration and number of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) sessions on clinical course and treatment of the patients with major depressive disorder
Filiz İzci
21Nisan 17:36-17:42 7
13 S13-132 The quality of life in patients with opiate dependence; A preliminary study
İkbal İnanlı
21Nisan 17:42-17:48 7
14 S14-134 The impact of affective temperaments on opiate dependence and addiction severity
İkbal İnanlı
21Nisan 17:48-17:54 7
15 S15-136 Childhood abuse history an effect on the adult psychiatric disorders
Aslıhan  Okan İbiloğlu
21Nisan 17:54-18:00 7

Oturum Başkanları: Recep Tütüncü, Pınar Çetinay Aydın
Tarih Saat Salon
1 S16-148 Impact of the psychiatry clerkship on fifth year medical students’ attitudes towards mental illness, psychiatric medications and their intention to pursue psychiatry as a career choise
Kerem Şenol Coşkun
23Nisan 09:00-09:06 7
2 S17-158 G Protein coupled estrogen receptor 1 (gper-1) levels of patients with major depressive disorder
Ebru Fındıklı
23Nisan 09:06-09:12 7
3 S18-172 Adherence to long-acting treatments in patients with schizophrenia: A retrospective analysis
Rabia Nazik  Yüksel
23Nisan 09:12-09:18 7
4 S19-183 Psychological and sexual effects of circumcision in adult males
Murat Semiz
23Nisan 09:18-09:24 7
5 S20-187 Mood and anxiety disorders in patients with abnormal uterine bleeding
Fatih Kayhan
23Nisan 09:24-09:30 7
6 S21-218 Relation of ınternalized stigma ın heroin addicts with treatment motivation, perceived social support and depression and anxiety levels
Emine Merve Akdağ
23Nisan 09:30-09:36 7
7 S22-225 Clinical presentation and prognosis in schizophrenia cases with suicide history
Demet  Sağlam Aykut
23Nisan 09:36-09:42 7
8 S23-228 The relationship between iron deficiency parameters and clinical symptoms in children with autism spectrum disorders
Serkan Güneş
23Nisan 09:42-09:48 7
9 S24-250 The prevalence of Brugada ECG in patients with schizophrenia: a cross-sectional study in the Turkish population
Esra  Yancar Demir
23Nisan 09:48-09:54 7
10 S25-263 Relationship between qualitiy of life and caregiver burden and social support among caregivers of patients with bipolar disorder
Özlem  Devrim Balaban
23Nisan 09:54-10:00 7
11 S26-268 The relationship between symptom severity and sex hormone levels in patients with schizophrenia
Süheyla Doğan Bulut
23Nisan 10:00-10:06 7
12 S27-277 Effects of adult attention deficit and hyperactivity symptoms on clinical and treatment course of patients with opioid use diorder
Seda Şaşmaz
23Nisan 10:06-10:12 7
13 S28-280 The adverse effects of stimulant and non-stimulant medication treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children at a training hospital: A retrospective-follow up stud
Özlem  Hekim Bozkurt
23Nisan 10:12-10:18 7
14 S29-286 Assesment of the relations between sociodemographic features, personality traits and migration among opioid addicts
Musa Yıldız
23Nisan 10:18-10:24 7
15 S30-297 Association between perceived expressed emotion and psychopathology ın adolescents
Şafak Eray
23Nisan 10:24-10:30 7

Oturum Başkanları: Yasin Bez, Medine Yazıcı
Tarih Saat Salon
1 S31-70 The determinants of benzodiazepine prescription at discharge from psychiatric inpatient clinic in Turkey: A retrospective chart review
Okan Ekinci
23Nisan 13:00-13:06 7
2 S32-301 The relationship between childhood trauma and type D personality in university students
Kadir Demirci
23Nisan 13:06-13:12 7
3 S33-302 Perceived expressed emotion and glycaemic control in adolescents with type 1 diabetes: a preliminary study
Şafak Eray
23Nisan 13:12-13:18 7
4 S34-323 The prevalence and associated factors of internet addiction among adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: The associations with subtypes, symptom dimensions and comorbidities
Recep Bostan
23Nisan 13:18-13:24 7
5 S35-342 Psychiatric Dimensions in Mothers of Children with Primary Nocturnal Enuresis: A Controlled Study
Onur Durmaz
23Nisan 13:24-13:30 7
6 S36-365 Irritability in children and adolescents: Validity and reliability of Turkish version of affective reactivity index
Ömer Kocael
23Nisan 13:30-13:36 7
7 S37-379 The prevalence of emotional and behavioral problems and associated factors in a community sample of high school students in tokat
Yunus Emre Bulut
23Nisan 13:36-13:42 7
8 S38-391 Relationship of metabolic syndrome with levels of serum ghrelin and nesfatin-1 in schizophrenia
Rabia Nazik  Yüksel
23Nisan 13:42-13:48 7
9 S39-402 Comorbid psychiatric disorders in migraine and tension type headache subtypes
Gülen Güler
23Nisan 13:48-13:54 7
10 S40-404 Body mass ındex and related factors in patients with substance use disorder
Servet Karaca
23Nisan 13:54-14:00 7
11 S41-411 Neuronal integrity and suicidality in bipolar depression: a DTI study
Hüseyin  Beyazıt
23Nisan 14:00-14:06 7
12 S42-430 Sociodemographic and Clinical Characteristics of Children and Adolescents with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, A Data From A University Hospital In Turkey
Gülen Güler
23Nisan 14:06-14:12 7
13 S43-434 Association between dissociative symptoms and venlafaxine treatment response in major depressive patients: an open-longitudinal study
Mahir Akbudak
23Nisan 14:12-14:18 7
14 S44-443 Eysenck personality characteristics of epilepsy patients and its effect on quality of life
Ebru Fındıklı
23Nisan 14:18-14:24 7
15 S45-452 Investigation of emotional schemas, meta- cognitive processes and coping strategies relationships between the adolescents applied to psychiatry clinic and their mothers
Kasım Fatih Yavuz
23Nisan 14:24-14:30 7

Oturum Başkanları: Hakan Balıbey, Esra Yazıcı
Tarih Saat Salon
1 S46-454 Relationship of the attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and birth order
Çağatay  Uğur
23Nisan 16:30-16:36 7
2 S47-459 Optical coherence tomography findings in major depression: duration of the latest episode is correlated with ganglion cell iner plexiform layer and nasal retinal fiber layer thickness
Mesut Yıldız
23Nisan 16:36-16:42 7
3 S48-475 Evaluating the efficacy of the addiction programme of probation: a controlled study
Ebru Aldemir
23Nisan 16:42-16:48 7
4 S49-489 Heme catabolism in first-episode psychosis patients: a case-control study
Abdullah Bolu
23Nisan 16:48-16:54 7
5 S50-513 Clinical characteristics and treatment response in preschool adhd: experience from a tertiary referral center
Özalp  Ekinci
23Nisan 16:54 -17:00 7
6 S51-523 Investigation of relationship between theory of mind deficits in parents of children with autism spectrum disorder and the severity of the disorder
Mehmeh Ayhan Congoloğlu
23Nisan 17:00-17:06 7
7 S52-530 Subthreshold autistic symptoms: prevalence, comorbidity with psychiatric disorders and effect on theory of mind
Ünsal Aydınoğlu
23Nisan 17:06-17:12 7
8 S53-531 Metabolic syndrome and its components in adolescents with bipolar and psychotic disorders
Halil Kara
23Nisan 17:12-17:18 7
9 S54-556 Emotion recognition and theory of mind deficits in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Nurullah Bolat
23Nisan 17:18-17:24 7
10 S55-580 Vitamin D levels in children and adolescents with obsessive compulsive disorder
İpek Perçinel
23Nisan 17:24-17:30 7
11 S56-587 The sociodemografic factors and comorbidities in children and adolescents with gender dysphoria
Ayşe Burcu Ayaz
23Nisan 17:30-17:36 7
12 S57-613 Neurocognitive functions in patients with cannabis use disorder: a controlled study
Ebru Aldemir
23Nisan 17:36-17:42 7
13 S58-618 Comparison between cannabis abusers and non-substance abusers for planning, problem solving, visual-spatial perception, orientation, focused-sustained attention, learning and memory functions
Hande Çelikay
23Nisan 17:42-17:48 7
14 S59-619 Comparison of neuropsychological functions in synthetic cannabinoid users and non-users
Hande Çelikay
23Nisan 17:48-17:54 7
15 S60-649 Bullying behavior in relation to depression and health-related quality of life among adolescents: a high school based cross sectional study
Yüksek Kıvrak
23Nisan 17:54-18:00 7

Oturum Başkanları: Abdullah Bolu, Süleyman Akarsu
Tarih Saat Salon
1 S61-658 The demographic and clinical characteristics of sexually abused boys
Veli Yıldırım
23Nisan 18:30-18:36 7
2 S62-672 Adolescent ımpulsivity and ıts relation with psychopatology in a clinic sample
Sebla Gökçe
23Nisan 18:36-18:42 7
3 S63-674 Self-stigma in bipolar patients and treatment adherence
Sadiye  Visal Buturak
23Nisan 18:42-18:48 7
4 S64-677 Night terror: predisposing factors and comorbidity relation
Pelin Dağ
23Nisan 18:48-18:54 7
5 S65-696 The effect of temperament and character traits on perceived social support and quality of life in patients with epilepsy
Kadir Demirci
23Nisan 18:54-19:00 7
6 S66-721 Evaluation of ımpulsivity, alexithymia, self perception and coping styles with stress in female patients with fibromyalgia syndrome
Şeyma Selen Sevinç
23Nisan 19:00-19:06 7
7 S67-725 Attachment the adolescent behaviour of suicide
Berna Polat
23Nisan 19:06-19:12 7
8 S68-730 Sexual dysfunction in women with bipolar disorder and their partners
Ali Metehan Çalışkan
23Nisan 19:12-19:18 7
9 S69-731 Diagnostic performance of malondialdehyde, superoxide dismutase and catalase in generalised anxiety disorder patients
Mehmet Akif Camkurt
23Nisan 19:18-19:24 7
10 S70-735 Suicide attempts referring to mersin university child and adolescent psychiatry department within last ten years
Veli Yıldırım
23Nisan 19:24-19:30 7
11 S71-758 Decreased Panic and Anxiety Scores With Canalith Repositioning Maneuvers in Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Patients
M.Hanifi Kokaçya
23Nisan 19:30-19:36 7
12 S72-778 A Retrospective chart review of aripiprazole use in preschool children
Sevcan Karakoç Demirkaya
23Nisan 19:36-19:42 7
13 S73-787 School based combined exercise and computer training program may improve working memory in ADHD children
Ahmet Buber
23Nisan 19:42-19:48 7

1 P1-3 Quetiapine associated with angioedema
Taha Can Tuman
2 P2-4 The evaluation of sleep and life quality in patients with Septum Deviation
Taha Can Tuman
3 P3-6 The relationship between internet addiction and depression in adolescents with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder
Özlem Kahraman
4 P4-7 Sulfasalazine induced major depressive disorder with psychotic features
Ali Kandeğer 
5 P5-12 Early puberty among Saudi schoolgirls and its impact on depression behavior in Jeddah city
Amani Ahmad Rifai Filimban
6 P6-15 Neutrophil lymphocyte ratio in patients with major depressive disorder
Sevda Korkmaz
7 P7-16 Comparison of copeptin levels and blood lipid profile in borderline patients with or without self-mutilation
Sevda Korkmaz
8 P8-17 Frequency of anemia in chronic psychiatry patients
Sevda Korkmaz
9 P9-18 Blood levels of AgRP, CBG and cortisol in patients with bipolar disorder
Evrim Özkorumak Karagüzel
10 P10-19 Lithium intoxication and neuroleptic malignant syndrome induced by aripiprazole: A case report
Huriye Ersen
11 P11-20 Parkinsonism that develops with quetiapine: a case study
Sevda Korkmaz
12 P12-23 Dystonia Induced By Sertraline Use: A Case study
Sevda Korkmaz
13 P13-24 Depression, trauma and correlates among the families of the patients staying in the ICU
Mehmet Şahin
14 P14-25 A family with bipolar affective disorder: a case study
Sevda Korkmaz
15 P15-27 Treatment of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder in visually impaired children: case series
Mustafa Yasin Irmak
16 P16-30 Two cases of priapism associated with quetiapine
Özge  Şahmelikoğlu Onur
17 P17-31 Relationship between anger, anxiety and depression in the cases with suicide attempt
Seda Kırcı Ercan
18 P18-32 The effect of religious belief and forgiveness on coping with diabetes
Ece Yazla
19 P19-33 Paliperidone palmitate induced tardive dystonia: a case report
Ali Metehan Çalışkan
20 P20-34 Interferon beta-1a induced psychosis in a patient with multiple sclerosis
Taha Can Tuman
21 P21-35 Care-giving burden and quality of life in diabetic foot patients' care givers
Ece Yazla
22 P22-36 Venlafaxine induced bruxizm: a case report
Ömer Özer
23 P23-37 Cognitive dysfunction in patients with REM dependent and other types of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
Ece Yazla
24 P24-38 Oxybutynin abuse in an adolescent leading to psychotic symptoms: case report
Derya Arslan
25 P25-41 Methylphenidate induced hallucinations in a 9 years old female patient
Esra Yancar Demir
26 P26-43 Pramipexole induced hypersexuality: a case report
Sevda Korkmaz
27 P27-47 Hyponatremia cases induced due to psychogenic polydipsia of schizophrenia
Hasan Mayda
28 P28-48 Akathisia growing due to escitalopram usage
Hasan Mayda
29 P29-50 Psychotic depression associated with menstrual cycle
Hasan Mayda
30 P30-51 Enuresis and encopresis due the use of aripiprazol
Hasan Mayda
31 P31-52 The diagnostic process of a patient with sleep paralysis and hypnogogic/hypnopompic hallucinations misdiagnosed as epilepsy
Derya Arslan
32 P32-53 Mania following temporal epileptic seizure: A case report
Ömer Özer
33 P33-55 A Case Report: type 2 second-degree atrioventricular block due to carbamazepine
Halil Özcan
34 P34-56 Quetiapine-induced bradycardia without QT
Mustafa   İspir
35 P35-59 Maculopapular rash and pruritus induced by mirtazapine: a case report
Sevda Korkmaz
36 P36-61 Citalopram-induced galactorrhea in an adolescent
Serhat Türkoğlu
37 P37-62 Diurnal enuresis secondary to aripiprazole
Hüseyin Bayazit
38 P38-65 REM sleep behavior disorder caused by mirtazapine therapy: case report
Hülya Çeçen
39 P39-67 Elevated blood lithium concentration following concomitant lithium and propranolol therapy: case report
Emine Füsun Akyüz Çim
40 P40-68 Add-on aripiprazole mitigated olanzapine- induced metabolic syndrome in first episode psychosis patient: a case study
Senad Hasanagic
41 P41-69 Acute psychosis in an adolescent with sickle cell disease: case report
İpek Süzer Gamlı
42 P42-843 Carboxylesterase1, Alpha 2a Adrenergic Receptor and Noradrenalin Transporter Gene Polymorphisms and their clinical presentations in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Fatih Hilmi Çetin
43 P43-76 Polypharmacy as the cause of epilepsy and psychosis and rational drug use: A case presentation
Kuzeymen Balıkçı
44 P44-77 A rare case: Clozapine related neuroleptic malignant syndrome
Orkun Aydın
45 P45-84 Effects of risperidone augmentation treatment in an adolescent diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder: a case report
Serhat Nasıroğlu
46 P46-85 Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Bipolar Disorder after sexual abuse: A case report
Mahmut Müjdeci  
47 P47-86 A case report: delirious mania
Halil Özcan
48 P48-91 Comorbid somatic illnesses in psychiatric inpatients
Süleyman Demir
49 P49-94 Oral megadose oros methylphenidate (Concerta) ingestion for suicide attempt
Zehra Ece Randa
50 P50-95 Confusion in diagnosis: A cylic psychotic process triggered by massive internet use or just intetnet addiction disorder? A case report
Zehra Ece Randa
51 P51-99 Panic attack case after a box energy drink consumption
Selçuk Özdin
52 P52-101 The association of perseived degree of handicap due to tinnitus and depression, anxiety symptoms in patients with tinnitus
Taha Can Tuman
53 P53-104 Fluoxetine-induced Tic Disorder with depressive disorder: A case report
Aslihan Okan İbiloğlu
54 P54-105 Urinary retention in a male patient associated with aripiprazole
Lara Utku İnce
55 P55-111 Methylphenidate treatment for bulimia nervosa with adult ADHD
Memduha  Aydın
56 P56-116 Transcranial magnetic stimulation in a depressive patient with cardiac pacemaker
Gökben Hızlı Sayar
57 P57-117 Paliperidone and paliperidone palmitat induced leukocytoclastic vasculitis
Tevfik Kalelioğlu
58 P58-118 The relationship between the premorbid personality traits and the behavioral and psychological symptoms of alzheimer disease
Güzin Mukaddes Sevinçer
59 P59-119 Aripiprazole in the treatment of OCD and aggressive behaviors in prader-willi syndrome: a case report
Ömer Faruk Akça
60 P60-121 The rare mutation under unexplained neuropsychiatric symptoms: Niemann-Pick Type C (NP-C) disease
Zeliha Kincir
61 P61-122 Relationship between depression and eating bahaviours among bariatric surgery candidates: a Turkish sample
Güzin Mukaddes Sevinçer
62 P62-124 Urinary extract profiles of illegal substance at Sakarya: three years' report
Ahmet Bülent Yazıcı
63 P63-126 Olanzapine-induced parkinsonism: A case report
Çiçek Hocaoğlu
64 P64-131 Late Onset Mania secondary to stroke: A case report
Hüseyin Bulut
65 P65-133 Olanzapine induced tardive oculogyric crisis: a two case report
İkbal İnanlı
66 P66-137 Case report: artifacts dermatitis
Nilay Gül Bal 
67 P67-141 Treatment of clozapine-resistant schizophrenia with paliperidone: A case report
Çiçek Hocaoğlu
68 P68-143 Eye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing (EMDR) Treatment In Social Anxiety Disorder
Eser Sağaltıcı
69 P69-144 Three Pregnant Bipolar Patients Treated with Quetiapine with Manic Episodes
Gizem Aral
70 P70-145 Evaluation of peroxiredoxin-1 and urotensin-2 levels in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder
M. Fatih Taştan
71 P71-147 Worsening of DEHB symptoms with sugar consumption in a 7-year-old boy: A case report
Arif Önder
72 P72-153 Gardner diamond syndrome in a 15-year-old girl
Şeyda Çelik Göksoy
73 P73-155 Comparison of Caregiver Burden among patients with Lewy Body Dementia and Alzheimer’s Dementia
Hasan Öztin
74 P74-157 Development of tics and recovery of enuresis nocturna with atomoxetine in a 9-year-old boy with ADHD
Mihriban Unay
75 P75-160 Smoking, Alcohol And Substance Use Frequency In Pregnancy: Sakarya-Turkey
Ahmet Bülent Yazıcı
76 P76-162 Methylphenidate induced increase in intraocular pressure in a patient
Filiz İzci
77 P77-165 Tennis Enhances Wellbeing on University Students
Ahmet Bülent Yazıcı
78 P78-168 Does risperidone improve hyperacusis in children with autism? A case report
Özge Gizli Çoban
79 P79-170 Comprarison of Neuropsychological test battery on patients with Schizophrenia before and after ECT
Fagan Zakirov
80 P80-173 Aripiprazole augmentation in treating kleptomania: A case report
Rabia Nazik Yüksel
81 P81-174 Reversible Cycloplegia Caused By Duloxetine: A Case Report
Rabia Nazik Yüksel
82 P82-175 Quetiapine-induced peripheral edema in a patient with opiate dependence
Ümit Işık
83 P83-176 Duloxetine-induced hypertension: A case report
Çiçek Hocaoğlu
84 P84-179 Skin picking disorder with DSM-5 criteria: a case report
Mustafa Yasin Irmak
85 P85-180 Presence of fragmented QRS complexes in patients with bipolar disorder; manic episode
Yasin Hasan Balcıoğlu
86 P86-181 Late onset single manic episode following a stroke related essential thrombocytosis
Yasin Hasan Balcıoğlu
87 P87-182 Effects of synthetic cannabinoids on renal functions
Yasin Hasan Balcıoğlu
88 P88-184 The relationship between attachment and parenting styles in parents of adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Mehmet Fatih Kınık
89 P89-186 Autism spectrum disorder in a child with oculocutaneous albinism
Çağatay Uğur
90 P90-197 Could alexithymia play a role in premature ejaculation?
Okan Er 
91 P91-198 Are dissociation prone individuals ımmune to premature ejaculation?
Tahsin Etli
92 P92-200 Validity and reliability of the turkish version of DSM-5 acute stress symptom severity scale- child form
Şermin Yalın Sapmaz
93 P93-202 Validity and reliability of the Turkish version of DSM-5 posttraumatic stress symptom severity scale- child form
Şermin Yalın Sapmaz
94 P94-204 Turkish validity and reliability of DSM-5 dissociative symptoms severity scale-child form
Şermin Yalın Sapmaz
95 P95-208 The effect of vitamin B12 deficiency on neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio in patients with schizophrenia
Nur Özgedik
96 P96-209 Buprenorphine maintenance treatment on a patient with meperidine use disorder: case report
Alime Burçin Saykan
97 P97-210 Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio in patients with alcohol dependence: a preliminary study
Zehra   Günay
98 P98-211 The effect of clonazepam on sleep terrors and co-occuring nocturnal enuresis: A case report
Sadettin Burak Açıkel
99 P99-212 Cerebral palsy and bipolar affective disorder: A case report
Sadettin Burak Açıkel
100 P100-213 Validity and reliability of the Turkish version of DSM-V generalized anxiety disorder severity scale child form
Şermin Yalın Sapmaz
101 P101-214 Validity and reliability of the Turkish version of DSM-V agoraphobia severity scale- child form
Şermin Yalın Sapmaz
102 P102-215 Symptomatic hyperammoniemia associated with valproic acid use in bipolar disorder: A case report
Emine Merve Akdağ
103 P103-216 Rheumatologic adverse effects associated with psychotrop drugs
Elif Nurgül Sungur
104 P104-219 Nickname ıs ‘Baby Ecstasy’: A case with misusing of venlafaxine
Elvin Guliyev
105 P105-220 Temperament and character traits ın patients with depression with/without night eating syndrome
Gözde Gültekin
106 P106-223 Methylphenidate-Related severe and diffuse hair loss: a case report
Ayça Asena Sayın
107 P107-224 A patient with restless leg syndrome presenting with pramipexole ınduced pyromania
Vesile Uyanık
108 P108-226 Adult separatıon anxıety disorder and the childhood separation anxiety disorder in parents of children with separation anxiety disorder
Özlem Özel Özcan
109 P109-227 The Evaluation of psychiatric comorbidity, self-injurious behavior, suicide probability, and other associated psychiatric factors in adolescents with acne: a case control study
Funda Özyay Eroğlu
110 P110-230 Lucid dreaming in alcohol and substance use: Preliminary results
Mustafa Akkuş
111 P111-231 Methylphenidate induced acute dystonia in a child: a case report
Mehmet Fatih Kınık
112 P112-233 A Case: conversion disorder with persistent movement disorder and ataxia
Sercan Karabulut
113 P113-237 Hoarding disorder in men: a case report
Çiçek Hocaoğlu
114 P114-238 Psychotropic use pattern ın schizophrenia outpatients: Turkey, 2015
Betül Türkmen
115 P115-240 A case of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder developed after being exposed to general anesthesia
Ayşegül Duman Kurt
116 P116-241 A case of a blind epileptic patient experienced a psychotic episode and had visual hallucinations
Necla Keskin
117 P117-243 Severe major depression: A case of neurobrucellosis
Lara Utku İnce
118 P118-244 Neutrophil-To-Lymphosit and platelet-to-lymphosit ratios ın heroin/opiate addicts: a preliminary study
Esra Yazıcı
119 P119-246 Terazosin in treatment of clozapine-induced sialorrhea: A case report
Feride Betül Yılmaz Şahin
120 P120-247 Hepatic enzyme elevation with quetiapine treatment: A case report
Çiçek Hocaoğlu
121 P121-251 Quality of life and self esteem ın children with spesific learning disability
Gözde Narin Coşkun
122 P122-252 Buspirone in the treatment of fluoxetine-induced sleep bruxism
Rukiye  Çolak Sivri
123 P123-253 Atomoxetine treatment for depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) comorbidity: case report
Gözde Narin Coşkun
124 P124-254 Delusion of pregnancy in a 50 year old woman
Nimet Tuğçe Kaçar
125 P125-257 Facial and bilateral leg edema in a patient using quetiapine
Ebru Şahan
126 P126-261 A case report: affective disorder following cerebrovascular disease
Pelin Ünalan Özperçin
127 P127-264 Evaluation of criminal lability in a mother and daughter diagnosed as schizotypal personality disorder
Özden Arısoy
128 P128-265 Report on 7 years' experience in electroconvulsive therapy in Haydarpasa Numune Training and Research Hospital for psychiatric diseases: 2008-2015
Alişan Burak Yaşar
129 P129-267 Frontal Lobe Syndrome
Hasan Toğul
130 P130-269 Attachment styles, childhood trauma and sympathetic skin responses relations with panic disorder
Cem Özdağ
131 P131-270 Venlafaxine use treatment resistant major depression and association with hypertension
Mehmet Er
132 P132-271 The affect of sertraline on self-ınjurious behavior in autistic spectrum disorders
Nazlı Kapubağlı
133 P133-272 Aripiprazole in treatment of fluoxetin ınduced bruxism: an eleven years old boy case report
Funda Dönder
134 P134-274 A supplemental approach to dissociative disorder; a case study
Hakan Kullakçı
135 P135-275 Efficiency and side effect profile of long acting methylphenidate: case series in natural clinic setting
Hakan Kayış
136 P136-278 Comorbidity of congenital adrenal hyperplasia and ADHD, ASD
Cansu Çobanoğlu
137 P137-283 Temporomandibular joint dislocation as a result of neck and face dystonia based on use of risperidon: a case report
Gamze Kutlu
138 P138-284 Evaluation of male first episode psychotic inpatients treated in an education hospital’s psychiatry department in one year
Alparslan Asil Budaklı
139 P139-289 Case report –Varenicline induces manic shift in a depression patient
Erhan Yüksek
140 P140-290 May be olfactory hallucination an early sign of manic episodes?: A case report
Konul Garayeva
141 P141-291 A case of stuttering due to olanzapine treatment
Ömer Asan
142 P142-294 The relationship between attachment styles of ADHD diagnosed adolescents and their mothers
Mehmet Fatih Kınık
143 P143-295 Treatment of a {PTSD} case with {EMDR} technique
Neslihan Kılıç
144 P144-296 Difficulties ın medical management of anxiety disorder child with brugada syndrome
Tuğçe Öncü
145 P145-303 Pediatric misophonia with comorbid obsessive compulsive disorder
Ceren Kaya
146 P146-304 Skin rash as a side effect in an ADHD patient treated with OROS-Methylphenidate: Case report
Buse Pınar Aksoy
147 P147-305 Acute phychosis during the postictal period in a patient with no previous diagnosis of epilepsy
Zehra Günay
148 P148-306 Malonyledialdehyde levels, superoxide dismutase and catalase enzyme activities in autism spectrum disorders
Hatice Altun
149 P149-309 The use of complementary therapies and the role of electroconvulsive therapy in the treatment of adult autism
Elif   Yılmaz  
150 P150-450 Investigation of risk factors associated with suicidal ideation and suicide attempt in patients with physical illnesses
Çiçek Hocaoğlu

151 P151-311 Possible olanzapine ınduced hepatotoxicity: 2 case reports
Kübra Söğütlügil
152 P152-310 Temperament and character traits in psoriasis patients
Hilal Yiğit
153 P153-314 Steroid induced ısolated visual hallucinosis: A case report
Cafer Çağrı Korucu
154 P154-316 Late‐onset mycophenolate mofetil-related delusional parasitosis: A case report
Cafer Çağrı Korucu
155 P155-317 Are patients with obsessive compulsive disorder impulsive?
Didem Tezcan
156 P156-319 Non convulsive status epilepticus with psychiatric symptoms: A case report
Burçin Özlem Ateş
157 P157-324 Oxidative stress parameters in patients with manic episode
Cafer Çağrı Korucu
158 P158-325 Kleine–Levin syndrome: A case report
Erhan Akıncı
159 P159-326 The Use of EMDR in complicated grief: A case report
Serdar Atik
160 P160-327 Importance of medical evaluation of psychiatric episodes
Özgür Çağla Cenker
161 P161-328 Antidepressant use in pregnancy: A case who is taking escitalopram
Serdar Atik
162 P162-329 The Use of EMDR in traumatic stress disorders: A case report
Serdar Atik
163 P163-330 Judicial report in a sexual abuse case live covered on periscope
İrem Damla Çimen
164 P164-331 Neurodegeneration after chronic exposure of toluene: A case with psychiatric signs
Serdar Atik
165 P165-332 Paliperidone induced edema on feet
Kadir Karakuş
166 P166-333 Relationship between ADHD symptoms and sleep-wake cycle in medication free children with ADHD? A preliminary study in Turkish children under twelve year old
Mahmut Cem Tarakçıoğlu
167 P167-334 Incest relationship between sisters and brothers: A case report
Ayşe  Irmak
168 P168-336 Misophonia:a case report
Şenay Kılınçel
169 P169-337 EMDR case report
Ümmühan Özkal
170 P170-340 Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing: case report
Faroogh Alizadegan
171 P171-341 Reliability and validity of the turkish version of substance abuse self-stigma scale, preliminary results
Meral Akbıyık
172 P172-344 Successful treatment of neuropathic pain with pregabaline plus exercise in an elderly patient
Hasan Öztin
173 P173-346 Malingering or munchausen syndrome?
Hicran DOĞRU
174 P174-347 Increased frequency of encopresis in a child diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) and encopresis after atomoxetine use: a case report 
Mehmet Akif Cansız
175 P175-348 Alprazolam induced disinhibition in a 15-year-old girl: A case report
Hicran DOĞRU
176 P176-350 Reduction in the prolactin level of a patient with the addition of aripiprazole to her treatment: A case report
Gizem Müjdecioğlu Demir
177 P177-351 Psychosis disorder caused by hyperthyroidism: Case report
Ayşegül Kervancıoğlu
178 P178-352 OROS metylphenidate induced visual and tactile hallucinations
Hakan Öğütlü
179 P179-353 Hair- pulling after use of fluoxetine: two cases
Çiğdem Yektaş
180 P180-354 Different faces of dissociative disorder: A case report
Merve Setenay İris Koç
181 P181-357 Childhood disintegrative disorder: a case report
Nazlı Ateş
182 P182-358 Determining of the adult ADHD and major depression comorbidity is valuable for functioning: A case report
Abdullah Akpınar
183 P183-359 A Case of bipolar disorder with tardive dyskinesia responding well to clozapine treatment
Burcu Bakar
184 P184-361 A case of anorexia nervosa responding well to paliperidone palmitate
Selma Hilal Avcı
185 P185-363 Encephalopathy associated with valproic acid used in the treatment of bipolar affective disorder: A case report
Muazzez Aydın
186 P186-364 Does she adult ADHD or borderline personality disorder: A case report
Abdullah Akpınar
187 P187-368 Relationship of ınternalized stigma with coping strategies and functioning ın patients with bipolar disorder
Zeynep Çalışkan İlter
188 P188-369 Effects of chronic haloperidol, clozapine and aripiprazol treatment on mice ısolated vas deferens
Pelin Tanyeri
189 P189-370 Manic episode after left hemisphere infarct in two cases
Oktay Kocabaş
190 P190-371 Effects of amibegron on learning and memory in naive and MK-801 injected mice in the elevated plus maze and passive avoidance tests
Pelin Tanyeri
191 P191-372 A case of catatonia with atypical clinical presentation
Ömer Asan
192 P192-373 Cognitive computer training in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Sümeyye Bozkurt
193 P193-374 Montelukast-induced anxiety in a child with allergic asthma
Zeynep Seda Albayrak
194 P194-377 Clinical characteristics of suicide and its associated sociodemographic factors in adolescent patients.
Ulkar Shamkalova
195 P195-381 Mania occurring following epileptic attack: a case report
Gülşah Güçlü Çelme
196 P196-382 The relationship of self mutilation behavioral features in drug users with anxiety, depression, aggression, impulsity, childhood trauma and dissocaitive life
Özer Özmut
197 P197-383 Effects of EMDR on prolonged grief reaction process
Özer Özmut
198 P198-384 The conversion case coming to emergency service due to prediagnosis of acute asthma attack
Özer Özmut
199 P199-385 A generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder comorbidity due to unilateral hippocampal lesion: case report
Mehmet Sinan Aydın
200 P200-388 Adding aripiprazole or reducing paliperidone dose for amenorrhea? A case report
Emrah Kızılay
201 P201-394 Results of long term hospitalization in a geriatric patient with bipolar depression
Duygu Özbayrak
202 P202-395 Two cases of compulsive stock market investing
Ahmet Zihni Soyata
203 P203-396 Retinoic acid, vitamin D and cortisol levels regulating gene expression via nuclear receptors in children with autism spectrum disorders
Şeref Şimşek
204 P204-397 Paranoid schizophrenia induced by stressful life events
Belkgin Chouseinoglou
205 P205-398 Serum levels of c-reactive protein, leptin and neuropeptide y and body mass ındex values in children with or without depression after sustaining sexual abuse
Şeref Şimşek
206 P206-399 Adult ADHD or bipolar disorder: a case report
Abdullah Akpınar
207 P207-400 Adult ADHD can be detrimental to educational functioning: a case report
Abdullah Akpınar
208 P208-401 Treatment of obsessive-compulsive symptoms in patients with opioid use disorder: four case reports
Hüseyin Kara
209 P209-403 Is the problem in the sacral or ın the unconscious?
Zeliha Kincir
210 P210-406 Developing myasthenia gravis patients using lithium management
Nur Özgedik
211 P211-407 Varenicline induced depressive episode in a bipolar patient
Berkay Vahapoğlu
212 P212-409 Lithium ıntoxication ın a patient taking lithium for 20 years while ıncreasing dosage
Gamze Yüksel
213 P213-410 Antipsychotic related hyponatremia: a case report
Aslıhan Okan İbiloğlu
214 P214-412 Pheniramine dependence: a case report
Neşe Kavruk Erdim
215 P215-413 A child with angelman syndrome and late diagnosis of comorbid autistic spectrum disorder: importance of early diagnosis
Umut Karaaslan
216 P216-414 Risperidone related raynaud’s phenomenon
Serkan Güneş
217 P217-415 Coexistence of 9p deletion syndrome and autism spectrum disorder
Serkan Güneş
218 P218-417 Toxic hepatitis developed after oral and intravenous forms of haloperidol in a mentally retarded patient with diagnosis of autism and behavioral disorder
Filiz İzci
219 P219-418 Emergence of manic episode as a result of the treatment of antiviral agent named forcarnet in a patient used after kidney transplatation
Filiz İzci
220 P220-419 Detailed evaluation of the relationship between prenatal testosterone and stuttering
Özlem Özcan
221 P221-420 Uromania: Is it type of a new impulse control disorder?
Mehmet Sinan Aydın
222 P222-421 Paliperidone releated acute hyperglycemia: a case report
Mehmet Sinan Aydın
223 P223-422 The efficacy of atomoxetine on the symptoms of restless legs syndrome comorbid with adhd: a case report
Saliha Baykal
224 P224-423 Validity and reliability of the turkish version of dsm-5 specific phobia severity scale- child form
Şermin Yalın Sapmaz
225 P225-424 Validity and reliability of the turkish version of dsm-5 social anxiety disorder severity scale- child form
Şermin Yalın Sapmaz
226 P226-425 Would you prefer 15 minutes or 15 days?
Mustafa Yasin Irmak
227 P227-426 Methylphenidate and benign positional vertigo: a case report
Mustafa Yasin Irmak
228 P228-427 Oromandibular dystonia treated with Botilinum toxin; A rare case
Abdullah Atlı
229 P229-431 Lamotrigine augmentation in clozapine resistant schizophrenia: a case report
Hayriye Mihrimah Öztürk
230 P230-432 A treatment resistant binge eating disorder case report
Aybüke Tuğçe Kılınç 
231 P231-433 Mescaline abuse via peyote cactus: the first case report in Turkey
Ufuk Bal 
232 P232-436 DSM-5 level 2 sleep disorders scale turkish validity and reliability study
Handan Özek Erkuran
233 P233-437 Is it schizoaffective disorder itself or cluster of symptoms caused by normal pressure hydrocephalus?
Hazal Yavuzlar Civan
234 P234-440 Schizophrenia and EMDR, a case report
Seda Kiraz
235 P235-441 Clozapine's effectiveness in treatment-resistant bipolar mania
İsmail Hasan Köle
236 P236-442 A case of psychogenic polydipsia:treatment with aripiprazole
Havva Sert
237 P237-444 Tuberculous meningoencephalitis induced kluver-bucy: a case report
İsmet Esra Çiçek
238 P238-446 Hypomania induced by hyponatremia
Keziban Turgut
239 P239-455 Visual hallucinations developing in the course of the administration of alprazolam: a case report
Hatice Melek Başar
240 P240-456 Trichotillomania in elderly: a case report
Çiçek Hocaoğlu
241 P241-462 Suicide attempts of male case with early onset schizophrenia and juvenile huntigton disease
Esra Yancar Demir
242 P242-464 Kabuki syndrome accompained by autistic findings: a case report
Esra Yancar Demir
243 P243-465 Mentally retarded adolescent with holmes-schimke syndrome: a case report
Esra Yancar Demir
244 P244-466 Drug use patterns of inpatients with schizophrenia: a preliminary study
Özlem Akçay
245 P245-468 Chocking phobia treatment with low dose haloperidol; a case report
Ezgi Eynalli
246 P246-470 Binge drinking of alcohol and psychogenic polydipsia co-occurency; case report
Ahmet Bülent Yazıcı
247 P247-471 Comorbid psychiatric diagnoses and clinical features in adolescent prisoners: a penal institution experience
Mehmet Fatih Ceylan
248 P248-478 REM sleep behavior disorder with uncal sclerosis
Zuhal Koç Apaydın
249 P249-481 Generalized anxiety disorder with cavum septum pellucidum
Zuhal Koç Apaydın
250 P250-482 Depressive temperament in relatives of patients with schizophrenia is associated with suicidality in patients with schizophrenia
Betül Türkmen
251 P251-483 Rabbit syndrome induced by aripiprazole
Ayşe Kurtulmuş
252 P252-484 Fluoxetine and aripiprazole combination induced extrapyramidal symptoms in an adolescent: a case report
Halit Necmi Uçar
253 P253-486 A schizopheria patient with tongue abscess after self-medication
Ayşe Vural
254 P254-488 Overvalued ideas and delusions in a male patient with anorexia nervosa
Dicle Büyüktaşkın
255 P255-491 Depressive symptoms related to topiramate addition to fluoxetine treatment in a blumia nervosa case
Keziban Turgut
256 P256-493 Anterograde amnesia after sildenafil use
Ömer Faruk Uygur
257 P257-494 Case report: depression during pregnancy
Eren Pek
258 P258-495 The relation between attachment styles and temperament of psoriatic patients
Abdullah Bolu
259 P259-496 Paliperidone-induced sialorrhea: a case report
Servet Karaca
260 P260-498 Obsessive compulsive disorder and gardner syndrome comorbidity
Zuhal Koç Apaydın
261 P261-499 Postpartum psychosis or autoimmune encephalitis?
Melike Duran
262 P262-500 Mirtazapine in the treatment of emetophobia: a case report
Kemal Utku Yazıcı
263 P263-501 Visual hallucination associated with duloxetine: a male patient diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder
İpek Perçinel
264 P264-503 Comparison of lipid levels in patient groups which are diagnosed recently or using single antipsychotic drug or using combined antipsychotic drugs
Şeyma Gül Böke
265 P265-504 Cavum septum pellucidum and schizophrenia: a case report
Sümeyye İslamoğlu
266 P266-505 Identification of early psychopathology in bipolar disorders
Şule Koçaş
267 P267-507 Pheniramine: a hidden danger!
Nilüfer Okumuş
268 P268-508 Clinical and sociodemographic characteristics of the patients committed suicide during hospitalisation
Deniz Çubukçu
269 P269-510 Dissociative identity disorder after a childhood trauma: a case report
Yusuf Tokgöz
270 P270-511 An unexpected side effect during escitatopram therapy: GIS Bleeding
Yusuf Tokgöz
271 P271-512 Tic disorder due to modafinil: a case report
Yusuf Tokgöz
272 P272-514 A case with camptocormia treated with ECT
Fethiye Kılıçaslan
273 P273-515 Relationship of sleep quality and depression in young adults with unilateral sensorineural hearing loss
Tahsin Etli
274 P274-516 Rasagiline as adjunctive therapy induced impulse control disorders in parkinson’s disease
Semih Alay
275 P275-518 Psychopathology in patients with unilateral sensorineural hearing loss
Tahsin Etli
276 P276-519 I am a bad child!' is an obsession or a normal pubertal process?
Feyza Hatice Sevgen
277 P277-520 Obsessive compulsive symptoms and clozapine in schizophrenia patients: a preliminary study
Tuğba Mutu
278 P278-521 Oxybutynin addiction: a case report
Deniz Çubukçu
279 P279-524 Childhood disintegrative disorder: 3 cases
Duygu Kınay
280 P280-525 Metylphenidate and panic attacks: a case report
Mustafa Yasin Irmak
281 P281-526 Digoxin intoxication in a geriatric patient with normal blood drug level
Hasan Öztin
282 P282-527 ECT in adolescent pregnancy: a case report
Osman Bertizlioğlu
283 P283-528 Varenicline induced mania with spontaneous recovery
Sevinç Ulusoy
284 P284-529 The sociodemographic features and treatment compliance of the addicted patients hospitalised in the alcohol and substance addiction treatment center (amatem) in a mental health hospital
Esra Porgalı Zayman
285 P285-532 Auditory hallucinations after acute stroke: a case report
Mustafa İspir
286 P286-534 Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome: A Case Report
Osman Bakkal
287 P287-536 Resolution of diurnal enuresis with fluoxetine
Saliha Kılınç
288 P288-537 Socio-demographic characteristics of geriatric patients who admitted to psychiatric emergency service of a mental health hospital
Bahar Yeşil
289 P289-538 History repeats itself: dementia due to neurosyphils
Osman Bakkal
290 P290-539 Internet addiction and nasal pathologies
Tahsin Etli
291 P291-540 Tardive dyskinesia in an adolescent girl with autism spectrum disorder and tourette’s disorder
Alper Alnak
292 P292-541 Phenomenology and psychiatric comorbidity in young subjects with bipolar disorder
Yağmur  Gündüz
293 P293-542 Effects of cannabinoids on platelet and erythrocyte morphology in patients with cannabis use disorder: a preliminary study
Esra Yazıcı
294 P294-543 Confusion associated with valproate and quetiapine combination: A case report
Gülistan Merve Atik
295 P295-544 Agomelatine in the treatment of post-stroke depression: A case report
Hakan Kullakçı
296 P296-545 ECT treatment for frontotemporal dementia-related aggressive behavior
Mustafa İspir
297 P297-546 Quality of life in patients with unilateral sensorineural hearing loss
Okan Er
298 P298-547 Fluoxetine treatment in a prepubertal girl with hoarding disorder
Tuğba Eseroğlu
299 P299-548 The treatment of Capgras Syndrome: A Case Report
Tülay Sati Kirkan
300 P300-550 Social phobia and nasal pathologies
Okan Er

301 P301-551 Childhood disintegrative disorder
İpek Kuşçu Özüçer
302 P302-552 Skin picking disorder
Semiha Selük
303 P303-553 A Case of edema associated with risperidone
Ömer Asan
304 P304-557 Validity and reliability of the Turkish version of DSM-5 depression severity scale-child form
Şermin Yalın Sapmaz
305 P305-559 How functional  is functionality criteria: a very late diagnose of an obsessive compulsive case
Ali Coşkun
306 P306-560 Schizophrenia and psychogenic polydipsia
Duygu Keskin Gökçelli
307 P307-561 Serum levels of glial fibrillary acidic protein and nogo-a in children with autism spectrum disorders
Ömer Faruk Demirel
308 P308-562 Prevalance of first dementia diagnose in elderly patients who applied to psychiatric medical board
Sevinç Ulusoy
309 P309-564 The relationship between visual cognitive skills and general psychopathological features in individuals who apply for bariatric surgery
Ersin Budak
310 P310-565 A comparative study ınvestigating the relationship between vitamin D level and cognitive functions and clinical severity of illness in patients with schizophrenia
Nefise Kayka
311 P311-566 The relationship between perseveration, learning and temperament in morbid obese individual
İbrahim Taymur
312 P312-567 Development and preliminary validation of the cognitive adaptation test in patients with obsessive compulsive disorder
Ersin Budak
313 P313-568 Self-amputation of tongue in a patient with obsessive compulsive disorder: a case report
Cafer Çağrı Korucu
314 P314-570 Pychotic disorder after using synthetic cannabinoid, persistent visual hallucination: case report
Emel Kurt 
315 P315-571 A case control study on the temperament and psychological mood of patients with chronic hepatitis B
Ebru Fındıklı
316 P316-572 Comparison of early maladaptive schemas in major depressive disorder patients with suicidal history and without suicidal ideation
Süleyman Akarsu
317 P317-574 Valproic acid induced hair structure changes: a case report
Ayça Asena Sayın
318 P318-577 TMS may be rapidly reduce suisidal thinking
Mustafa İspir
319 P319-578 Development and standardization of personal risk assessment form (BIRDEF) for children under institutional care
Çiğdem Vaizoğlu
320 P320-581 Buprenorphine / naloxone therapy in the opioid-dependent elderly: Case series
Emine Cengiz Çavuşoğlu
321 P321-582 Sleep disordered breathing and hypertension: a case report
Emine Cengiz Çavuşoğlu
322 P322-584 Association of psychiatric disorders and sleep apnea, a case report
Emine Cengiz Çavuşoğlu
323 P323-586 Obstructıve sleep apnea in children: A case report
Emine Cengiz Çavuşoğlu
324 P324-588 Orbital edema associated with quetiapine: a case report
Emine Cengiz Çavuşoğlu
325 P325-589 A case report: autistic symptoms of a child with single-suture craniosynostosis
Fatma Turna
326 P326-591 Psychogenic dysphonia: a case report
Emine Cengiz Çavuşoğlu
327 P327-592 Autism spectrum disorder following herpes encephalitis: a case report
Gizem Durcan
328 P328-593 Lithium ıntoxication with early electrocardiogram changes: a case report
Yusuf Emre Yılmaz
329 P329-594 Aripiprazole-induced slurred speech: A case series
Bilgen Biçer Kanat
330 P330-595 Effects of lithium intake on calcium metabolism in patients with bipolar disorder
Sinan Erenkuş
331 P331-596 Two cases of neuroacanthocytosis manifesting with psychiatric symptoms
Okan Er
332 P332-597 Valproic acid ınduced acute and nearly complete hair loss: a case report
Mahmut   Selçuk
333 P333-599 Neuroleptic ınduced tardive myoclonus that misdiagnosed and treated as restless leg syndrome for years: a case report
Mahmut   Selçuk
334 P334-600 Urticaria and angioedema associated with oros-methylphenidate
Bedia Sultan Önal
335 P335-601 The possible role of circumcision age on adult sexual life
Tahsin Etli
336 P336-602 Aripiprazole induced reynaud's syndrome: a case report
Fatih Yıldırım  
337 P337-605 Case of gynecomastia and galactorrhea on a male patient due to the use of paliperidone palmitate
İbrahim Şendur
338 P338-607 Atomoxetine-ınduced qtc prolongation: a case report
Ali İbiş
339 P339-610 Major depression in long term oxygen therapy dependent chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Fatih Kayhan
340 P340-611 Risperidone induced drug eruption: A case report
Ali Hakan Öztürk
341 P341-612 Aripiprazole-associated rhabdomyolysis in a child with mental retardation
Esra Özhan İbiş
342 P342-614 Paternal postpartum depression: a case report
Nilay Gül Bal 
343 P343-615 Levetiracetam induced mania-like symptoms in an adolescent
Nuran Ekinci
344 P344-616 Exacerbation of urinary incontinence in an autistic adolesencent with aripiprazole treatment
Fatma Yıldırım  
345 P345-617 Can D-dimer serum be used in the diagnosis and the process of catatonia? A case report
Gülsüm Yitik
346 P346-621 A case study of a patient with bathmophobia treated with emdr therapy
Fatma Dilara Usta
347 P347-623 Treatment of pathological internet use with aripiprazole, in an adolescent with ADHD comorbid OCD
Gamze Yapça Kaypaklı
348 P348-625 Priapism associated with sertraline and risperidone: a case report
Bilgen  Biçer Kanat
349 P349-626 Psychiatric comorbidity ın children with chronic dermatological disorders
Didem Ayyıldız
350 P350-628 Validity and reliability of DSM-5 level 1 cross-cutting symptom scale Turkish version (child form for 11-17 years and parent form for 6-17 years )
Şermin Yalın Sapmaz
351 P351-629 Oculogyric crisis with clozapine: A case report
Bilge Çetin İlhan
352 P352-630 Post-ictal psychosis: A case report
Bilge Çetin İlhan
353 P353-631 Treatment resistant depression and total occlusion of internal carotid artery: A case report
Sümeyye İslamoğlu
354 P354-632 Like twenties at seventy years old: A case with ‘spontaneus’ orgasm
Hilal Atakur
355 P355-633 Dry eye related with escitalopram and treatment with agomelatine
Atakan Yücel
356 P356-634 Secondary vaginismus due to delusional disorder
Sümeyye İslamoğlu
357 P357-636 Acute dyskinetic reaction with methylphenidate overdose
Bahadır Turan
358 P358-637 Paliperidone palmitate and valproic acid combination in the treatment of bipolar affective disorder
Tuba  Ülkevan
359 P359-639 Lithium intoxication: a possible interaction with moxifloxacin
Nadide Elmas Gülcü Ok
360 P360-640 Hypercalcemia related psychosis disorder: case presentation
Ayşegül Kervancıoğlu
361 P361-641 Delirious mania induced with using of herbal weight loss supplement adulterated with sibutramine
Behiye Evin Azizoğlu
362 P362-642 A rare side effect of paroxetine: Hallucination
Hasan Öztin
363 P363-644 Bipolar disorder and wilson's disease: A case report
Deniz Çubukçu
364 P364-645 Late-onset separation anxiety: a case report
Merve Çolpan
365 P365-646 Childhood skin picking disorder: A case report
Tuğba Yüksel
366 P366-647 Treatment of nail biting with n- acetyl cysteine: A case report
Tuğba Acehan
367 P367-650 It is not my kidney: A case report
Fulya Gök
368 P368-651 Chronic venous ınsufficiency in a man with a history of heroin ınjection: a case report
Aslı Seda Kıraç
369 P369-653 Severe catatonia in an adolescent: a case report
Neslişah Gür
370 P370-654 A clinical representative data from a bipolar disorder-psychosis outpatient unit
Neşe  Perdahlı Fiş
371 P371-655 Evaluation of s100b protein levels in children with autism spectrum disorder
Ayşe Nihal Eraslan
372 P372-656 Frequency of menstrual cycle related psychiatric disorders in ınpatients
Furkan Bahadır Alptekin
373 P373-657 The differential diagnosis of early onset schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder: a case report
Nesrin Köseoğlu
374 P374-659 Tenofovir induced the comorbidity of fanconi syndrome and depression in an older adult
Hasan Öztin
375 P375-662 Multiple sclerosis or bipolar disorder?
Şahabettin Çetin
376 P376-665 Three brothers with neurofibromatosis type 1 and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Halenur Teke
377 P377-666 Stability of toxoplasma gondii: Antibody levels over one year
Pelin Yüksel
378 P378-668 Anxiety, depression, guilt and shame in infertile women
M. Hanifi Kokaçya
379 P379-669 Effects of methylphenidate on growth and bone turnover ın prepubertal male children
Ahmet Çevikaslan
380 P380-670 Neuro-behcet disease and bipolar disorder: A case report
Mehmet Hanifi Kokaçya
381 P381-671 The use of traditional and complemantary medicine in adults with depressive disorders. a cross-sectional study in Adana, Turkey
Cengiz Cengisiz
382 P382-673 The consumption of antidepressant medicines in Turkey
İsmali Mert Vural
383 P383-675 Sertraline induced galactorrhea with hyperprolactinemia
Esra Hoşoğlu
384 P384-676 The consumption of psychiatric medicines medicine in Turkey
Betül Topal
385 P385-678 Investigation of relationship between maternal impulsivity state and symptom variability and severity of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Özge Demircan Tulacı
386 P386-679 Analysis of forensic cases admitted to psychiatry department of Karadeniz Technical University
Kübra Kocagöz
387 P387-680 A case of alternating hemiplegia of childhood presenting with autism spectrum disorder and mental retardation
Gülay Günay  
388 P388-681 Childhood trauma and coping strategies in first degree relatives of patient with psychosis
Akif Taşdemir
389 P389-682 Menstrual psychosis in a 15-year-old girl: a case report
Şafak Eray
390 P390-683 Neutrophile-lymphocyte ratio and platelet - lymphocyte ratio in early onset bipolar disorder
Ayşe Nur Aydın
391 P391-684 Successful buprenorphine-naloxone detoxification treatment of an adolescent opioid user with pregnancy in the outpatient setting
Melike Topal
392 P392-685 Increase in synaptic catecholamine level contributes to the antihyperalgesic effect of agomelatine in diabetic rats
Özgür Devrim Can
393 P393-686 Neutrophile - lymphocyte ratio and platelet - lymphocyte ratio ın early onset psychotic disorders
Ayşegül Satar
394 P394-688 A case report with lithium induced myasthenia
Tuğçe Cansu Özçelik
395 P395-689 Antidepressant-like effects of chlorogenic acid: Possible underlying mechanisms
Ümide  Demir Özkay
396 P396-690 Co-occurrence of hoarding and sturge-weber syndrome: A case report
Ersin Uygun
397 P397-691 Have difficulty with urine in an child patient caused by fluoxetin alone
Ayşegül Kızıltoprak
398 P398-692 Escitalopram induced amenorrhoea, a case report
Fatih Baz
399 P399-694 Paliperidone induced atypical neuroleptic malignant syndrome and delirium: A case report
Burcu  Albuz
400 P400-695 Improvement of OCD after fronto-parietal ischemia: A case report
Atakan Yücel
401 P401-697 Investigation of death and separation anxiety elderly: Preliminary findings
Müge Kılıçlar
402 P402-698 Researching the therapeutic effects of sodium nitroprusside with MK-801 induced schizophrenia rat models
Yakup Yılan
403 P403-699 Relationship of hematological variables and comorbidity to symptom ratings of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Hesna Gül  
404 P404-700 Clinical features of adolescents with major depressive disorder and evaluation of severity of disorder and their treatment options: A retrospective cross-sectional study
Ebru Sekmen
405 P405-701 Differential diagnosis and treatment of tardive blepharospasm and psychogenic blepharospasm in a schizophrenic patient with long term antipsychotic drug use: Case report
Mehmet Akif Akıncı
406 P406-706 Alcohol-induced psychotic disorder: A case report
Seçil Özoğlu Turhan
407 P407-707 Temperament characteristics in attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder
Mehmet Mart
408 P408-711 Factors associated with antipsychotic polypharmacy use in patients with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders
Sevilay Güneş
409 P409-713 A study of toxoplasmosis antibodies seropositivity in children suffering autism spectrum disorder
Esra Yancar Demir
410 P410-715 Dry eye syndrome associated with aripiprazole: A case report
Atakan Yücel
411 P411-718 Suicidal behaviors in children and adolescents with intellectuel disability and risk factors
Pelin Con Bayhan
412 P412-719 Psoriasis activation with lithium: A case report
Hilal Seven
413 P413-720 Evaluation of symtomatology and functionality according to polypharmacy use in patients with schizophrenia
Hasan Karadağ
414 P414-724 Alopecia associated with agomelatine: A case report
Atakan Yücel
415 P415-726 Pituitary Volume in Patients with Postraumatic Stress Disorder
Şükrü Kartalcı
416 P416-728 Kleine-Levine syndrome co-occuring with bipolar disorder: Case report
Filiz Civil Aslan
417 P417-729 Alternative psychosis occurrence after treatment with sodium valproate: A case report
Hilal Seven
418 P418-732 Synthetic cannabinoid use associated with acute kidney injury and rhabdomyolysis
İdil Akdemir
419 P419-733 Dissociation and disordered eating after sexual abuse: A case report
Semiha Selük
420 P420-734 The investigation of urotensin 2 level oxidative metabolism and oxidative DNA damage in schizoaffective patients in symptomatic remission and not in symptomatic remission
Osman Hasan Tahsin Kılıç
421 P421-738 The mania case due to subarachnoid hemorrhage, with a history of antidepressant usage
Oktay Kocabaş
422 P422-739 Dissociative symptoms in adolescents with anxiety disorders
Hesna Gül
423 P423-740 Is an alcohol dependent patient just only an alcohol dependent patient?
Gamze Akçay Oruç
424 P424-741 Nocturnal panic and treatment with escitalopram: A case report
Atakan Yücel
425 P425-742 Effects of methylphenidate and atomoxetine on encopresis; case series
Gamze Yapça Kaypaklı
426 P426-744 Unclassified persistant visual phenomen(visual snow) ın an adolescent case
Özge Metin
427 P427-745 Severe and treatment-resistant Tourette Syndrome that recovered with topiramate use: a case report
Mahmut   Çakır
428 P428-746 Psychotropic drugs use among autistic spectrum disorders in an outpatient clinic
Bahriye Yılmaz
429 P429-747 Abstract has been canceled by the owner.
430 P430-748 Bruxism and halitosis comorbidity that developed due to atomoxetine use: Two case reports
Mahmut   Çakır
431 P431-750 Alternatives of treatment combinaitons in early onset bipolar disorder: 3 case reports
Uğur Tekin
432 P432-751 Prevelance and characteristics of complementary medicine utilization ın outpatient psychiatry population ın Adana, Eastern Mediterrenean Region of Turkey
Ufuk Bal 
433 P433-753 Suicidal behaviour in adolescents association between breastfeeding duration
Berna Polat
434 P434-754 Is psychological flexibility a good target for reducing self-stigma: Preliminary results
Meral Akbıyık
435 P435-755 A case of emesis with generalized anxiety disorder tho treatment well to mirtazapine
Mehmet Cemal Kaya
436 P436-756 Indomethacin-induced psychotic disorder
Gözde Türkoğlu
437 P437-757 Presentation Of Case Related To Methanol Poisoning And Central Scotoma
Sertaç Alay Öztürk
438 P438-759 Premenstrual exacerbation of schizoprenia symptoms in a child with autism spectrum disorder: A case report
Esen Yıldırım Demirdöğen
439 P439-760 Cycloid psychoses: A case report and literature review
Onur Tuğçe Poyraz Fındık
440 P440-761 The role of methylphenidate on school refusal: A case report
Canan Kuygun Karcı
441 P441-762 Premature ejeculation associated with milnacipran: A case report
Atakan Yücel
442 P442-763 Menstrual psychosis in an adolescent girl
Özge Metin
443 P443-766 Paliperidone extended-release treatment effect on complex posttraumatic stress disorder in an adolescent case
Canan Kuygun Karcı
444 P444-769 Retrograde amnesia, attention deficit and learning disabilities after sudden hypoxic ischemic
brain injury secondary to cardiac arrest in a 16 years old boy: Case report
Ayşegül Satar
445 P445-772 Acute ataxia and hypotonia associated with methylphenidate
Özge Metin
446 P446-774 Psychogenic dysphonia: A case resistant to treatment
Esen Yıldırım Demirdöğen
447 P447-780 Chronic intermittent administration of ketamine inhibited depressive symptoms in chronic unpredictable mild stress model in rats
Ceren Şahin
448 P448-781 Chronic blockade of P2X7 receptors by brilliant blue G inhibited depressive symptoms in rats
Ceren Şahin
449 P449-782 Agmatine potentiates the antidepressant effect of ketamine in forced swim test of rats
Rümeysa Keleş
450 P450-783 Famotidine reverses learning and memory deficits induced by acute ketamine model of schizophrenia in novel object recognition test in rats
Ayşe Nur Hazar
451 P451-784 Possible neuroprotective effects of agmatine via GSK3β protein expression in SH SY5Y cell line
Alim Hüseyin Dokumacı
452 P452-785 Agmatine treatment prevents MK-801 induced neurodegeneration in cell culture
Gökhan Ünal
453 P453-72 Acute urinary retention requiring urinary catheterization related to paroxetine use
Okan Ekinci

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